4 Ways to Hire Top IT Talent, NOW!

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In an industry where top IT talents are in short supply, beating other organizations to the punch can be critical to protecting your company’s interests in the future. But the real problem isn’t just about hiring fast, it’s also about recruiting talents with the right set of skills for the future. The Challenges of Hiring… Read more »

Leave a Lasting Impression at Your Next Job Interview

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Whatever your normal line of work may be, when you’re sitting in a job interview, you’re selling yourself.  You’re selling your skill set.  You’re selling your training.  And you’re selling your experience.  So for that brief period of time, be a true salesperson and do what salespeople do. The best salespeople live and die by… Read more »

When Is It Time to Make a Counteroffer to Keep an Employee?

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“Company X, our biggest competitor, just gave me a killer offer,” your staff member tells you. “They’re happy to up my pay and give me more flexible hours,” he adds. “I’m not keen on leaving, but it’s an opportunity I’d hate to pass up. Can you match their offer?” How exactly do you respond to… Read more »