3 Reasons to Involve Support in Development

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These days, it seems there’s an app or piece of software for virtually anything you need or want to do. And chances are, you’ve run into some kind of problem while using them. When this happens, where do you go? Tech support is probably what comes to mind. Yet interestingly enough, many organizations fail to… Read more »

3 Pointers on Negotiating Flexible Working Hours

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It used to be that working from home — also known as telecommuting — was a luxury of luxuries. Fortunately, more and more forward-thinking employers are seeing the workforce management benefits of giving employees a flexible work schedule and environment. However, not all companies are an ideal fit for the category. We’re going to be… Read more »

How to Successfully Deal with an Overwhelming IT Job Description

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If you’ve been looking for work recently, chances are you’ve probably seen postings with ridiculous job descriptions and requirements.  You know, those ads asking for an impossible set of skills and experience, such as entry-level positions for new graduates with 3-5 years of experience, or 15 years of mobile app development experience (despite smartphones not… Read more »