Integrity Search & Consulting’s fully vetted 19 Steps For Success search process methodology results in Highly successful matches for our client and candidate and substantially increases long term employee tenure.

Step 1

We conduct a thorough needs analysis of the position including title, compensation, work experience, skills, and personality characteristics, potential target companies & candidates, and an understanding of the responsibilities, qualifications and expectations of the position. With a clear job description, we search for the right individual who is best suited for your environment/corporate culture.

Step 2

We strategize with the client regarding the most effective method of presenting its opportunities to prospective candidates.

Step 3

We create a custom and comprehensive Search profile that we involve our client in creating with us to insure we have a deep and accurate understanding of the position.  This also allows our clients to know and approve exactly what information we are sharing with prospective candidates.  This document is very thorough and comprehensive.  It ALWAYS impresses a prospective candidate when they see the deep level of knowledge we have re our clients and its need(s).  The candidates feel that the opportunity we are approaching them with is an important one, especially since the client is willing to partner with us on this search.  Additionally, when we are able to insure the candidates that we are the only search firm engaged in this search; the candidates place tremendous value in this as they do not feel they are part of a “Cattle Call” and that the position is being managed professionally, confidentially and with an ultra-high level of discretion.

Step 4

We research relevant companies.

We will discuss with our clients any potential companies/industries they may wish to attract people from. Additionally, we will identify any potential companies we will not be allowed to approach.  This typically is due to board level alliances (e.g. Do not recruit agreements or potential litigations, etc.)

Step 5

We Research Hidden/Passive talent.
This is one of the most time consuming steps often requiring after hours meetings, dinners, coffee with prospective candidates.

We identify all individuals who have the qualifications required for each position. We contact industry leaders to locate the exceptional people who meet your criteria. We do
not run newspaper ads. Those readers are looking for jobs, while our passive candidates want to advance their careers and be of significant value to a new company.

Step 6

Conduct in-depth candidate interviews. The most qualified candidates are evaluated to determine their strengths and weaknesses, as well as determine their motivation to make a change and susceptibility to a counter-offer. We find the direction in which the candidates would like their careers to progress during the next three to five years, where they have been the happiest during their careers and what they were doing at that time.

Step 7

Prior to presenting them to our clients, we may choose to perform preliminary reference- checks on selective pre-screened candidates as an additional method to evaluate their likely performance in the position.

Step 8

After assessing the most qualified candidates, we provide confidential resumes on the best of the best. We review and present each candidate’s background with our clients.

Step 9

With our clients approval, arrange interviews for the client to speak with or meet personally with the top candidates.
Integrity Search & Consulting is the liaison in arranging meeting times, travel arrangements and other details to insure a smooth and comfortable interview process.

Step 10

Prepare the candidate(s) for the first interview.

We insure the candidate is fully informed on the client, its need, the interview agenda, etc.

Step 11

We prepare the client for the first interview.
We inform our clients of each candidate’s motivation, the things that are important to each candidate, possibly recommending areas of conversation to discuss (to insure the candidate(s) hears the things that are important to them).

Step 12

We debrief the candidate.

We will assess their interest in the position identifying any unanswered questions or potential concerns. We will confirm their continued interest in the position.

Step 13

We debrief the client.

We assess the client’s interest in candidate(s). For those candidates that a client is expressing interest in we will share the details of each candidates debrief and work closely with client to manage the process, expectations, etc.

Step 14

We coordinate, arrange and manage any follow up interviews or meetings.
We continue to fully debrief both the client and the candidate(s) during this process.

Step 15

We conduct References (if needed) and document those conversations in writing, providing those written references to our clients.

Step 16

We present offers to our candidates.

We will work closely with you to craft an offer that will be accepted, not rejected. We assist and advise our clients in determining compensation, stock options (if any) and other benefits required to attract the best individuals.

We will insure the candidate will accept the offer, before it is extended.
We consult, advise and navigate the candidate through the resignation process to eliminate counter-offer issues and attempts.

Once we have been assured by the candidate that a counter-offer will not be accepted, we will then professionally extend the offer and get formal acceptance from the candidate, as well as an official start date.

Step 17

We will professionally release any pending candidates.

Step 18

Once the search has been successfully completed we will request a written Testimonial from our client

Step 19

We will follow up with Quality Control calls with both our client and our candidate. If the candidate is reporting any emerging issues or concerns we can frequently get involved and work with our client to rectify any potential issues before they become a real issue.