3 Reasons to Involve Support in Development

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These days, it seems there’s an app or piece of software for virtually anything you need or want to do. And chances are, you’ve run into some kind of problem while using them. When this happens, where do you go? Tech support is probably what comes to mind. Yet interestingly enough, many organizations fail to… Read more »

4 Ways to Hire Top IT Talent, NOW!

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In an industry where top IT talents are in short supply, beating other organizations to the punch can be critical to protecting your company’s interests in the future. But the real problem isn’t just about hiring fast, it’s also about recruiting talents with the right set of skills for the future. The Challenges of Hiring… Read more »

What to Do When They Request a Video Cover Letter

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These days, it’s become more common for employment agencies and companies to ask job applicants to provide a video cover letter in addition to their resume. It comes as no surprise, as cover letters sometimes have redundant information already found in the resume. Moreover, videos have a more personal element to them, thus making them… Read more »

What Questions Should You Ask in a Remote Employee Interview?

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As if knowing what questions to ask in a regular interview isn’t hard enough, try preparing questions when interviewing remote staff. While many of the tried-and-tested interview questions still apply, there are some unique concerns you need to address when getting to know a remote worker. For starters, there’s distance. It’s not unheard of for… Read more »