Generic Resumes Don’t Get Interviews

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It’s no secret that recruiters like ours want to do the best we can for the candidates we work with. But it’s important that you understand that we can’t do it without your help.  We know that it takes time to produce a quality resume. You have to think about all the places you’ve been,… Read more »

Top Candidates February 2016

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Candidate #1 – Sr. Ruby on Rails Software Engineer Senior Ruby on Rails full stack software engineer with over nine years of industry experience dedicated to producing innovative products and service architectures which deliver creative, customer-centric solutions to interesting problems.Expertise: MVC, client-side MV*, SOA, mobile web dev, lean startup methodologies, AWS architecture, TDD, VoIP/telephony, Containerization, scrum methodologies, customer dev,… Read more »

You Just Got a Counteroffer From Your Employer. What Now?

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You just received a great offer from another company promising a better title, higher pay, and more responsibilities. You then approach your boss and share your plans to resign, but because of your skills and experience, are presented with a counteroffer instead. Many employment agencies see this scenario play out, with most not recommending that… Read more »

When Is It Time to Make a Counteroffer to Keep an Employee?

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“Company X, our biggest competitor, just gave me a killer offer,” your staff member tells you. “They’re happy to up my pay and give me more flexible hours,” he adds. “I’m not keen on leaving, but it’s an opportunity I’d hate to pass up. Can you match their offer?” How exactly do you respond to… Read more »