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For the most part, the jobs market has been kind to IT professionals, with data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showing a 3.1 percent increase in IT employment in 2015. In Computerworld’s IT Salary Survey 2016, 44 percent of tech respondents plan to increase their workforce this year.

Things are also looking up for IT salaries, with respondents in the Computerworld survey reporting an average salary increase of 3.9 percent for IT pros, the highest pay hike they’ve observed since 2001.

But pay increases vary between IT specialties, with some niches seeing higher growth than others.

CompTIA senior VP of research and market intelligence notes, “The competition for some niche skills is driving up salaries for those positions. In some areas for some skills there are rapid gains; in other areas the gains are more modest or flat.”

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top three IT specialties seeing the largest bumps in pay this year.

  1. Cloud Computing Specialists

According to Computerworld’s Forecast 2016 report, several companies are seeing a mass exodus of enterprise systems and applications to the cloud. As more organizations embrace this change, the demand for cloud computing specialists in IT continues to grow, which in turn has propelled salary growth.

Computerworld’s report cites a 4.8 percent bump in pay for cloud specialists this year, much to the delight of professionals in this niche. And this figure is likely to increase even further, with 48 percent of survey respondents planning to up compensation for cloud experts this year.

  1. App Development

As enterprise IT shops continue to need back-end software to keep operations running and front-facing apps for customer engagement, the demand for application developers continues to grow as well.

This, in turn, has driven higher premiums for experienced application developers, with Computerworld’s survey respondents citing a four percent increase in pay for professionals with proven skills.

  1. General IT

General IT professionals may seem out of place in a list of specialists, but the numbers don’t lie. General IT pros who took the Computerworld survey report a pay increase of 3.9 percent in 2015. And 20 percent of IT managers who took the survey plan on bringing in more IT generalists.

The reason is simple. Small to medium enterprises who don’t have a need for niche experts (at least not yet) or who don’t have the resources to pay specialists want people who can handle a wide variety of IT tasks.

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