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These days, it’s become more common for employment agencies and companies to ask job applicants to provide a video cover letter in addition to their resume. It comes as no surprise, as cover letters sometimes have redundant information already found in the resume. Moreover, videos have a more personal element to them, thus making them more appealing.

Below are a few tips to ensure your video cover letter works to your advantage.

  1. K.I.S.S.

Stick to the K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Stupid) principle. Don’t launch into a monologue of your life’s story, and don’t try to inspire the hiring manager or recruiter with an emotional anecdote.  Video cover letters shouldn’t last more than a minute — anything more, and the person watching it will lose interest. Focus on one of your selling points and quantify your accomplishments in such a way that grabs the viewer’s interest and keeps it all throughout the clip.

  1. Go Through a List

People love lists. It’s why sites like Upworthy and BuzzFeed are so popular. Lists also give your cover letter structure, helping you stay on point with the things a hiring manager would want to know about you. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to pick three to five points about your skills and experience worth sharing. You can also toss in one or two personal tidbits – such as your being an avid outdoorsman or performing any volunteer work – is a crowd favorite, not surprisingly.

  1. Find Inspiration

Don’t know where exactly to start with your video? Draw some inspiration wherever you can find it. Better yet, get some ideas from YouTube. You can either look up sample video cover letters, or see how popular YouTube vloggers create and style their videos. Remember, there is no right or wrong solution to this sort of thing, so be as open-minded as possible.

  1. Prepare a Script

Unless you have impeccable powers of improvisation, it’s best to prepare a strong script for your video cover letter. A script lets you share your unique selling points to a potential employer clearly and concisely, keeping your message organized.

Just be sure you’re not reading off a piece of paper when recording your video. There’s a difference between a video done with prep work, and one that looks scripted. As such, it’s important to memorize your script and make your lines sound as authentic and unscripted as possible.

As the job market becomes more competitive, being able to leverage technology to stand out has turned into a major asset for job seekers. Learn how to demonstrate your winning qualities on video with help from Integrity Staffing Professionals! Contact us at 805-482-8700.


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