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Let’s face it, if you’re a small to medium enterprise, there’s probably no way you can build a swimming pool in your office grounds, or have an in-house chef to make everyone fancy work lunches. But many employment agencies know that these perks, along with salary increases, are not the only ways to offer competitive benefits that keep your employees happy and productive. You may not be able to compete with the big names like Apple and Google, but there are many ways to offer great benefits to your staff without blowing your operating budget.

Below are four common sense benefits to keep your workers happy and productive.

1. Flexible Working Conditions

Flexibility in workforce management, particularly in terms of working hours and conditions, is one work benefit sure to be attractive to employees, so much so that many people will happily keep a job that pays less if it means striking a better balance between work and life. Whenever possible, and if it doesn’t negatively impact productivity and customer service, let your people work fewer hours, or allow them to work remotely from home.

2. Competitive Healthcare Plans

Healthy employees are productive employees. One of the best ways to make your employees feel valued is to offer a comprehensive healthcare plan with low upfront costs. Offering great healthcare coverage can also attract top-notch talent to your business; in fact, many small businesses go as far as covering the costs of all healthcare premiums for staff and their families because they know it fosters loyalty.

3. Separate Sick Days and Paid Time Off

Although many large companies have already transitioned to a Paid Time Off Policy, offering sick days that don’t take away from vacation time can be a huge morale booster, as it shows you genuinely want your people to take time away from work to rest when necessary. If you want to build good will, don’t punish your employees for being sick. Allow them to rest at home without making them worry about lost vacation days.

4. Offer Parental Leaves

Being the parents of a new child can be a huge challenge and having to take unpaid time off from work can make the situation much harder. Fortunately, many companies understand that employees who are given time and financial support to care for their new children are more likely to be happier and more productive than parents who have to take unpaid time off. Again, this is all about building goodwill and loyalty, intangible concepts that encourage employees to work harder.

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